“Official in Shenzhen Sacked over Drunken Behavior”

That’s the headline China Radio International chose to describe Lin Jiaxiang’s (林嘉祥) dinner in a Shenzhen restaurant. The allegation is that Lin, former Communist Party chief and deputy director of the Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration, attempted to force an underage girl into the men’s restroom.

It’s encouraging that the story emerged at all. But the way CRI is handling it kind of suggests that they’d kept it all under the carpet if there weren’t those human flesh search engines.

Cai Mingzhao (蔡名照), deputy director of the Chinese State Council’s information office, said on an Internet Convention in September:

“In recent years, spoofs, online violence, human search engines and other emotionality and irrational behavior have caused public concern. This kind of behavior harms online harmony, violates the rights of others, endangers public benefit and should be stopped.”


It’s true – human flesh search engines are uncontrollable and dangerous. They can hit innocent people just as well as villains, and stories like the one about Lin Jiaxiang would require further investigation. An online comment, according to chinasmack.com, goes like this: “I am willing to give a month’s salary/wages. Anyone else willing to give money? Hire an assassin, and murder him.”

Vigilantism (daydreaming about it included) is inappropriate. But who will conduct an investigation on him in China that anyone would trust?

Under circumstances as they are, a lot of things can get out of hand. Censorship isn’t the answer either. A free press could be. But it isn’t all bad news: as we can see from China Radio International’s headline, the radio station is still under the leadership of the party.

2 Comments to ““Official in Shenzhen Sacked over Drunken Behavior””

  1. He admits to doing it. He’s a pedophile and should be hanged.

    “At first, the parents found the woman who was dining with the man to ask him where he is. The woman (also wearing white) claimed not to know anything and tried to leave. Then the over 50-year-old man with the big belly wearing a white shirt came out of the toilet. To everyone’s surprise, he said:

    “I did it, so what? How much money do you want, give me a price. I will pay it!”

    Arrogantly pushing and pointing at the girl’s father, he also said:

    “Do you know who I am? I was sent here by the Beijing Ministry of Transportation, my level is the same as your mayor. So what if I pinched a little child’s neck? Who the fuck are you people to me?! You dare fuck with me? Just watch how I am going to deal with you.””


  2. I read the “confession”, too. But the man was possibly drunk, he was certainly arrogant, and maybe he was that over-confident that he thought a correct or false confession wouldn’t matter either. We also don’t know for sure either what the term “it” implies. If you want to base a death sentence on this story, it may be your idea of justice, but it isn’t mine.


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