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Saturday, November 1, 2008

How Ugly Sex and Dogs can be

Last month I bought myself the first MP3 player of my life. And once I got it, a friend of mine put a lot of old music on it, stuff that was very popular in the 1980s. I heard those songs back then too, but had almost forgotten them since. Nina Hagen sang about undressing and having Schnapps / hard liquor while doing it, and about drug abuse and madness. Sex could be ugly. It was a strange way of looking at love, but realistic in its own way.

She sang about dogs, too. If you really like dogs, you may not like the way she’s barking and yapping along the song. But if you dislike dogs, or if they get on your nerves only once in a while, even if you have ever felt only the mildest desire to take a gun and to finish some off, you might have a good laugh about stuff like Wau-wau.

Anyway, it’s November, the month of the dead, and Herrmann isn’t only high, but departed.

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