Chinese Researcher on Rural Land Rights posted a translation of a Souther Metropolis Weekly interview with Yu Jianrong, director of the Rural Development Institute’s Social Issues Research Center at CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). He sees little new in resolution passed by the Central Committee’s third session of the 17th Party Congress. “The importance of this as a symbol lies in the fact that it and related statements from the Third Session are a confirmation and development of an already-existing system for land transfers.”

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Zheng Yongnian, head of the Asian Institute at the National University of Singapore, takes a much more skeptical view on the status quo. New rules – once enacted – would only benefit China’s countryside if the farmers were also given the right to organize politically, Zheng said in an interview with the BBC’s Chinese Service earlier this month.

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2 Comments to “Chinese Researcher on Rural Land Rights”

  1. The 16 October issue of the Economist has a good coverage of the proposed land reform. Here is the link:


  2. The Economist bunch is sort of a role model for me when writing. The bad thing is that their pearls only remain accessible online for a year or so. That usually keeps me from linking to their stories. I buy a hardcopy about once a month.
    They seem to be one of a handful of international publications that are actually aware that most Chinese people still live in the countryside.


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