Radio Taiwan International’s information policies

I’m an occasional listener to Radio Taiwan International’s Chinese, English and German programs. It didn’t strike me that I heard nothing there about the bulk resignations at the CBS board and RTI’s director-general Shao Li-chung less than a month ago. I supposed I simply missed it there (and maybe I have).

But when you search RTI’s website for the name of Cheng Yu, RTI chairman, through Google, you only get three results, and they are all about a celebration in summer 2008. A search within RTI’s English service’s website for Shao Li-chung (director-general) doesn’t get any hits at all between 01/24/2007 and 10/24/2008.

To be fair, a search for Cheng Yu in Chinese does lead to an RTI news article about the chairman. And maybe somewhere within the depths of RTI’s website, there is still more information about the news about the stormy board meeting early in October.

So I’m not suggesting that this is a case of censorship. But I can’t be sure that it isn’t, either. Does RTI believe that its foreign listeners don’t care about this kind of information?

Cues as to where on RTI’s website information about the resignations can be found are welcome.

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