Hermit’s Patriotic Award: You are already a Traitor!

Hello Children,

it is truly heart-warming to see so many spirited patriots on the internet. Like the one who gave us a scientific definition of what a traitor to the great sacred cause of the motherfuck is:

“I often see some traitors who defend themselves by saying: I’m of this or that national minority, and I’m not a traitor. How can you call me a traitor? — I say: you only need to sell out the interest of the Chinese people, and you are a traitor. Han means the Chinese nation with the Han people as the majority.”

Radovan Karadzic Award

Radovan Karadzic Award

No hanjian will ever escape this wonderfully comprehensive definition. So whoever you are, you-are-already-a-traitor, here is your Radovan Karadžić Award for your further encouragement. You can copy it from here and paste it into your porn collection.


Ah yes, and there is a moral to this Award, children. Don’t forget to learn from such promising great patriots, and some day, you may extinguish, umm, distinguish yourselves, too!

Got to fly now. Stay patriotic.

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