Hong Kong delegations to attend Taiwan’s Double-Ten

751 Hong Kongers will attend Taiwan’s Double-Ten celebrations on October 10 (anniversary of the Republic of China’s founding day in 1911), according to today’s European Overseas Chinese Europe Journal  (歐洲日報, Paris). Among the celebration guests from Hong Kong will be politicians of the Democratic Party (民主黨) and the Civic Party (公民黨), business people, and the Traditional Chinese Societies (传统侨社).

According to a Chinese Wikipedia article (the neutrality of which is disputed), one wing of the “Traditional Chinese Societies” supports Chinese unity in accordance with the Beijing point of view, while another is more supportive of the KMT’s (國民黨) stance. What the “Traditionals” have in common is that all of them, from overseas, Taiwan or Hong Kong, support unification of China and Taiwan in principle.

Also according to the article, Taiwan lost some of the organization’s support from overseas when Chen Shui-bian came became president in 2000 to steer a more pro-independence course.

The Hong Kongers are scheduled to stay in Taiwan for four days, after arrival yesterday (Oct 9 8). They will attend the gathering in front of the Presidential Palace tomorrow morning (Oct 10), and have tea with the Mainland Affairs Council (陸委會).

Hong Kong is a bridge between China and Taiwan in many ways. It’s hardly imaginable that mainland politicians would attend official Taiwanese celebrations. But Hong Kongers have different backgrounds. Martin Lee (李柱銘) for example, the founding chairman of Hong Kong’s Democratic Party, was born in Hong Kong in 1938 as the son of a former KMT major general.

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