The Invisible Line – Justrecently’s Mission Statement

The invisible line is the one I’d cross if I made Chinese issues my issues. Or where I would make Taiwanese issues my issues. I’m neither Chinese nor Taiwanese. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have opinions, and I believe that studying the language and the issues as thoroughly as I can is reason enough to me for blogging my opinions. After all, the one-party decisions in Beijing influence not only Chinese lives, but mine, too.

I’m not making American issues my issues either, although American decisions have a big impact on my country and my life, just as those in Beijing.

But there is that invisible line… I might fight for my opinions, but I don’t want to write like if I belonged to a foreign country. May I try to sum this down?

Here it is: Justrecently’s Mission Statement.

I’m not blogging for human rights. I believe in their global validity and their binding character, I’m making use of them myself in that I’m speaking out, and I’m supporting everyone’s human rights, but I’m not blogging for them.

I’m not blogging for China. I believe in China’s future and the contributions it has made to human development before, but I’m not blogging for China.

I’m not blogging for my country either.

I’m blogging for myself and for those who may care to read my posts and comments.

I’m blogging, because it’s fun.

4 Responses to “The Invisible Line – Justrecently’s Mission Statement”

  1. I appreciate this. I note, so far you have been spared of undue attention of uber-nationalists, panda-huggers and assorted trolls, but it is always good to spell it out BEFORE the trouble starts.

    Too many good blogs fail to do this. And when they eventually get sick of shills, etc., and put their foot down, they get accused of censorship, or worse.

    I am all for democracy, fair play, and all that, but if my opponents try to use any of that against me, the way one throws sand in another’s eyes to blind them, I feel no obligation to be a “sport”:

    “This is my blog, I make the the rules, and you are welcome to play as long as you observe them.
    Else I’ll stick the bat up your…”


  2. Actually, no uber-nationalists are likely to steal the fun I’m having with this blog (and I have the feeling that some actually dropped by and commented, but never cared to explain their ideas in more detail when I tried to get into a meaningful discussion with them).
    I guess they had nothing meaningful to say, so I didn’t miss out on something.
    Anyway, if things did get too bad, I’d follow the same policy as you do without any qualms. Even if I was one of those mean CNN guys, my humble blog would hardly be in a position to muzzle good patriotsanyway. It’s the internet, and every bit of bullshit finds its platform somewhere.



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