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Monday, October 6, 2008

Smoking must Kill

No unhealthy stuff

No unhealthy stuff

And if it doesn’t instantlyhealthy elements make sure that it still does. There are a few bad elements however who think that killing provocative smokers is wrong.

Net Nanny disagrees with those bad elements.

It is very obvious that smoking people come together far too easily to indulge in their bad habit, and that they are too communicative among themselves. There is always a danger that people who smoke develop unhealthy ideas different from healthy people. Besides, it is very hard to maintain vigilant surveillance over smokers, because they usually stand in hidden corners.

When people smoke, chances are that they exchange information that non-smokers and Net Nanny won’t get to hear. In a word, smoking and talking combined is conspirational by nature! This is a disadvantage for healthy people with healthy habits. Those conspirational meetings must end! Smoking in healthy places must end, too! Unhealthy people must end!

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