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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Two Pictures that I should have taken…

Een <b>Nederlandse</b> Schipper

Een Nederlandse Schipper

… but hesitated to.

One was a pasttime skipper. He came down the Turf Canal in Bremen-Findorff. He was obviously a pensioner with a neat white beard, he wore a captain’s cap (white with a black visor, and a golden anchor above the visor), a white suit, and he could have qualified for Love Boat.

He was alone in his boat. There would have been space for one more person in the cockpit. The vessel was less than two meters long, and the German flag flew from the pole on the stern, safely above the water.

I was wondering if he flew a German flag from his bathing tub at home, too. And I was wondering if I should take a photo. But something held me back. Even though he looked like a captain, I probably felt that he was travelling the Turf Canal in his private capacity, and dreaming a dream of his long-gone childhood.

The other was an old bum. I could still take the picture now – he can be found in pretty much the same places every day. He´s driving around another German flag – from the rack of his shoddy bicycle. I was thinking about taking a picture and putting him on this blog, maybe with a caption like  “He has a fatherland”.

But that´s like forcing an old lonely bum with few places to go into hiding. I´m glad that I´m no photo reporter who has to deliver every day.

Instead, I chose an old picture from the Netherlands. The boat was sixty years or older at the time I made the photo, and may still be on duty.

P.S.: Yes, I´ve rigged the colors.

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