Hermit: Dressing-down for such Stupid Questions

Hello Children,

Hermit the (angry) Taoist Dragonfly

Hermit the (angry) Taoist Dragonfly

at last, those foreign oppressors must obey the law! No longer will those more than 100 foreign-funded big companies get away without collective contracts with their depredated employees!

Whad’ya saying? Yes – you? There are Chinese bosses who treat their employees like dirt and are not even obliged to take measures for working safety, because the local cadres will turn a blind eye? That there is no level playing-field for foreign companies in China, as long as Chinese oppressors may continue to oppress their workforce? That foreign companies usually offer better conditions than Chinese companies already?

Haha – how stupid you are! What a simple question! Here is a proverb for you, stupid brat:

“为人民利益而死,就比泰山还重.” – “To die for the people’s benefit weighs more heavily than Mount Taishan.”

And this one is from me: “在洋鬼子的手中死就泰山还重!” (To die at the hands of a foreign devil weighs more heavily than Mount Taishan.”)

On the other hand, starving or dying at the hands of a Chinese boss if you are a simple dirty worker is nothing to complain about. It’s part of our Great Culture and Tradition.

So shut up and think before you open your big mouth next time!

Got to fly now! Im aaaangry!

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