CCP Party Cell in Space – Three’s Company enough

The BBC’s James Reynolds: It’s been suggested that the three astronauts – all loyal soldiers – may form the first ever branch of the Chinese Communist Party in space (the party’s rules state that you need three members to form a new branch – these rules appear to apply even if you’ve left the planet).

This makes me wonder. First of all: is the CCP really still a Communist Party? Secondly: if Yang Liwei, the guy who’s been up there already, is not allowed to talk to foreign jouralists because he’s still in the army, what will the three guys who will be up there soon (and who are all soldiers, too) do if an alien there tries to communicate with them? Will there be time to report back to Planet Peking and get special approval, or will the opportunity for the first-ever human talk with aliens be missed?

Or are they allowed to talk to little green folks, and just not to foreign reporters?

What if an alien wants to join the space branch of the CCP? Is the CCP prepared for all eventualities?

2 Comments to “CCP Party Cell in Space – Three’s Company enough”

  1. I think you missed other possible complications, such as that the little green folks are ET journalists… And don’t even think they could be of an alien Navy.


  2. “And don’t even think they could be of an alien Navy.”
    Indeed. They say that there was water on Mars, so why not an Alien navy. Not to mention alien imperialist bathing tub crews in space, wanting to join only for watching naked Chinese girls.
    Anyway, that’s the problem of the CCP, not mine. Membership there seems to be come cheap.


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