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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Zeng Jinyan: To which degree will Hu Jia’s situation deteriorate?


The following translation are excerpts from a post of September 8 (in Chinese there), apparently by Zeng Jinyan (Hu Jia’s wife). If you are fluent in Chinese, please take a look at her original post in Chinese. My translation isn’t necessarily accurate.


I have reason to believe that Hu Jia’s situation has deteriorated. We don’t know his current situation.

During all of August, we haven’t received a letter from Hu Jia. We received one on September 5 that told us that he hadn’t received the twelfth letter, and no explanation as to why he didn’t receive it.


According to the prison rules, Hu Jia may have telephone conversations with relatives twice a month, about ten minutes every time. But up to now, he also hasn’t been able to make such phone calls, not even once. The State Security Police’s explanation is that the prison telephone system is undergoing technical changes (that’s what they said two months ago, that’s what they are saying now). Every time I’m calling the prison administration, the other side asks who I am, I say that I am a relative of Hu Jia. The other side then says: “I’m only temporarily taking the phone calls, the person in charge is not here – went to a meeting.” On my asking as to when the person in charge will be back, the answer is “I don’t know.” So actually, we have no chance to contact the prison administration directly, but have to go through the State Security Police.

Besides, State Security Police had a word with me, as they wanted me to do persuasion work on Hu Jia. He shouldn’t embarrass the prison staff, thus improving his situation. Otherwise, the prison may not allow us to meet in the future. I asked Hu Jia which problems were existing, and it basically is that Hu Jia has made improvement suggestions, and has persisted on human rights problems, which made employees and managers of the prison unhappy [or unpleasant – I’m not sure. translator]

According to the prison rules, the prison should send relatives notifications when meetings can take place – one specific date per month. But noone of his relatives has received such notification. I’m simply calling the State Security Police from time to time and ask to see Hu Jia. In the past, I made requests, and they told me a certain time when meeting would definitely be possible. But now the police person in charge says: I don’t know when, it’s not sure, I don’t know how things are going there at the prison right now, await their reply…

Hu Jia’s mother and I are worried, as we don’t know what happened. We don’t know if there has been inappropriate treatment – we don’t have any information. And so far, the prison hasn’t guaranteed Hu Jia’s monthly [probably liver indications checkup. translator].

I hope the prison authorities will act in accordance with the rules, send meeting notifications and definitive meeting times. I also hope that the prison will not, without reasons and explanations, take out family letters, or make arrangements regarding Hu Jia’s work and rest conditions or his food and drink that would be bad for his medical condition. Besides, the law does not ban lawyers, or relatives and friends from seeing Hu Jia. Hu Jia’s mother-in-law (my mother) is not listed on his registered permanent residence paper, so she was barred from seeing him. We therefore think that she was barred by the prison with the argument that she wasn’t on his residence paper.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hermit’s Seasonal Scientific Award: To Kim Jong-il

Hello ChildrenYes, dear children. Just like the 3000 Confucian disciples chanted during the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Beijing: “Of three people walking, there must be one I can learn from.”

But our laureate today isn’t simply a human being walking. It is the one and only dear leader, the Great Marshal Kim Jong-il, the great thinker and theoretician, great statesman, great man and the sun of the 21st century, and if we diligently learn from him, noone in this world will go hungry ever after, and getting rid of global warming will be a peace of cake. As sure as hell.

Right now, in the complicated situation of the global food crisis which has a muted effect even on such an economic miracle as the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), the Voice of Korea tells us how North Korea’s farmers cultivate the conscience of being the masters of agricultural production and how, under the leadership of the great Marshal they will stride from victory to victory on the food production front.

For this, during this season of rich harvests, we humbly submit our Scientific Award to the Great Leader Kim Jong-il. As seems fit, we shape it as a Golden Dung Fork. May the Great Leader’s holy cows never cease bullshitting.

You may now take your colored crayons and paint our dear scientific leader and his Golden Dung Fork in the brightest colors

You may now take your colored crayons and paint our dear scientific leader and his Golden Dung Fork in the brightest colors

Got to fly. Stay scientific, children.

North Korea turns sixty, “frozen with fear” (BBC)

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