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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Short History of German-Russian Relations

I disagree with the line of Jeroen Bult’s article that says that former chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s departure from politics was “inglorious” – his uncritical ties with Russia were and are inglorious, but he was a courageous reformer at home. Only some of his foreign policies sucked.

Otherwise, I think Bult wrote an interesting “short history” of German-Russian relations. Don’t get confused by the focus on US vice president Cheney at the beginning of the article…

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wu Jinglian: Not working as an American Spy

As a well-known economist and academic heavyweight in the eyes of the media, Wu, a 78 year-old economist who was a visiting scholar in universities such as Yale, Stanford and MIT during the 1980s and 1990s is talked about for his often bold and sharp argumentations, China Radio International quotes Xinhua News Agency.

Boxun reported the arrest of Wu on August 28, but added an update to the original news on August 29 stating “that he is fine” .

The way Wu speaks out on economics isn’t really unconventional by Chinese standards, as far as I can see. He advocates government reform and rule of law, but – in an interview with China Daily in 2007 – was rather vague on measures that could achieve this.

However, he doesn’t worship every kind of economic success. “Some leading media advocate ‘follow the manipulator to conquer the world'”, he said in a speech at Nanjing University in 2001, insisting that there was a bubble in China’s stock market.

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