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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Understand the Language of your Enemies and have a Word with Them

That's understood

That's understood

Senator John McCain, November/December 2007:
“Today, understanding foreign cultures is not a luxury but a strategic necessity. As president, I will launch a crash program in civilian and military schools to prepare more experts in critical languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, and Pashto. Students at our service academies should be required to study abroad. I will enlarge the military’s Foreign Area Officer program and create a new specialty in strategic interrogation in order to produce more interrogators who can obtain critical knowledge from detainees by using advanced psychological techniques, rather than the kind of abusive tactics properly prohibited by the Geneva Conventions.”

That’s how to have an informative chat with your enemies. But where is the place for obtaining knowledge from people who aren’t your enemies, but slightly revanchist?

Not the G8 anyway, says Senator McCain. Not if is “this revanchist Russia”.

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