Navy Political Commanders: Top Level Changes

“The Chinese Navy sees a series of top-level changes. Political Commissar General [general rather than admiral] Hu Yanlin (胡彦林) retires and will be succeeded by his deputy Liu Xiaojiang (刘晓江). At the same time, Naval Political Department director Fan Yinhua (范印华) becomes deputy political commissar. Xu Jianzhong (徐建中), deputy political commissar of Nanjing Military Region and political commissar of the East China Sea Fleet, succeeds Fan as director of the Naval Political Department. The changes were announced the other day by Guo Boxiong (郭伯雄), deputy chairman of the Central Military Commission, on a special trip to the Navy.” Source: Lianhe Zaobao (联合早报), Singapore, July 18.

Central Military Commission may refer to either the State CMC, or to the Party CMC. But there is no need for confusion – both commissions are identical in membership. The function of a political commissar is described here.

Previous Changes (during and after 17th Congress, according to

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