Will her little sister be safe in China?

There’s a good soul who teaches a class of nine-year old Germans Chinese at school. All the time during the big Sacred-Torch Show, there was no politics in the classroom. But last week, he says there was, and it went like this.

immigration nightmare

immigration nightmare

The parents of one of the students may move to China for two years or so, as her father might have to work for his company there. Some students were concerned for the safety of their fellow student’s little sister.

Student X: But she has a little sister. There can only be one child per family. They cull all the others.

Imagine you were in the teacher’s place. How would you answer?

Please post your comments. After five different suggestions, I’ll add what the teacher did actually answer.

2 Comments to “Will her little sister be safe in China?”

  1. “Now children, that’s just silly. We don’t call it ‘culling’, we call it ‘population control’.”


  2. OK. That’s one suggestion. Now I’m waiting for four more…


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