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Friday, July 4, 2008

Bush to attend Olympic Opening Ceremony

The American president has made up his mind. He’s going to attend the Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing. If it is true that the Chinese leadership had promised the IOC significant improvements in its human rights record, it is probably fair to say that Bush’s policy towards China isn’t principled.

That will come as a disappointment for many of those who frantically waved their American flags when the American president ordered the invasion of Iraq, and those ugly neocons  who labeled any American who criticised the war or Guantanamo as “unpatriotic”. In fact, I think there is no real contradiction between the Bush administration then, and the Bush administration now. It never showed much respect for human rights – neither at home, nor abroad.



In fact, I think the current American president is good company for the Chinese leadership. I see no reason for him to stay away. He should just make sure that he isn´t going to choke on his freedom fries. And those who supported him (or still support him) should take a close look at him while he is there, and make their next choice more carefully.

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