This Blog’s Traffic

Hehe. Just in case of any claims that “this blog gets no traffic”, this is evidence to the contrary:



5 Comments to “This Blog’s Traffic”

  1. Ha, another one.


  2. Many tanks. I’m moved.


  3. That image is so small, I can hardly see anything.
    Keep working, it takes time until a blog gains visitors.

    Then it feels very satisfying when more people read Your words. A great motivation.


  4. That’s why put an arrow on the active spot – it is small! Thanks for the encouragement, Junjie. I won’t keep posting as frequently as I am at the moment – right now it is summer break and plenty of time. But I guess I won’t run out of ideas, so there will be always at least one post a week. Yes, I guess it is going to take time to gain visitors, but it is an interesting experience already. Including the tagging stuff. It also helps me to find other interesting blogs and topics. All the best with your blog, too, and have a great weekend.


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