The Earthquake and its Politisation

new military mission - resist the earthquakeIn the past six months there has been the Olympic debate, Tibetan violence, the Tibet debate, the Han and Tibetan confrontation abroad, the CriticiseWesternMediaMovement, etc..

I think that this process, although not pleasant, may be essential. After this period of criticism and confrontation, Western people may not like China that much any more, but may know more about China than before. And Chinese people may not like the West that much any more, but may know more about the West. As for Han and Tibetan mutual understanding, this kind of hope is likely to be too idealistic now.

Of course, if better knowledge turns into hatred, that is no good result from knowledge. But no matter if the results are good or bad, freedom of information is a good thing. To make responsible use of it is everyone’s own responsibility.

At the moment, everythings seems to get influenced by politicisaton. The earthquake is, too. The People-and-Army-United-as-one-Man coverage by CCTV is no surprise. » But there are Western people who can’t take off their political glasses anymore, either. Did God send the Earthquake? Apparently, Hateful superstition doesn’t know any borders. It can be found in any country.

Let’s hope that this kind of uttering oracles won’t become the netizens’ favourite Olympic discipline.

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