How should Germany commemorate VE Day?

The photo to the right shows a public poster issued by a German trade union. Is it an adequate way to remember? Today is May 8, the day of commemorating Germany´s surrender and the end of the Second World War in Europe. Members of the trade union invite people to take part in commemorating liberation day.
I´m no history expert, but I feel the invitation contains rather big contradictions. One is the picture used on the poster. I believe that Germans shouldn´t complain to America, Britain, Canada etc. about the bombings, or criticise them. World War 2 was started by Germany. But as a German, I also feel that the bombings are nothing to celebrate.
I´m not sure: do Germans who use this poster want to forget that at the time, many Germans supported Hitler? Have they forgotten that maybe not all of them felt that May 8 was a day of liberation? Do they want to forget those of our grandparents who were among the members and supporters of the Nazi party? Do they hope to become Britons or Russians? Do they hope to forget that their grandparents lost the war?
That day was above all a day of liberation for those opposed the Nazis, and those who suffered from the Nazis.
The uncomfortable fact is that at the time, most Germans did not oppose the Nazis.
Therefore, I find the poster too easy.
Whose liberation was it?
Certainly, for me and most Germans of my age liberation day includes Germany. But within the generation of our grandparents, be it in 1945, be it in 1975, there were people who didn´t feel that way.

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