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Friday, April 11, 2008

Chinese people criticise German media


A colleague teaches elementary and high school students. His impression is that the high school students only blame the Han Chinese on the ground in T1b3t. My colleague asked them if they know how the situation was when violence started. They didn’t know. But they felt that it was certainly the Han who started using violence. Very likely, German media are the reason for their views.


But I think that the way some Chinese protest in Munich criticise the media is pretty ugly. They say that German television and other media not only made mistakes or distorted the news. They also say that German media muzzle their voices.<br>

They then remind Germans that “It is already proven in history that a biased media will not only threaten others, but also harm the Germans themselves ultimately. “


I think they are all adults, and it is their choice. Of course, they have the right to criticise German media from Munich. They also have the right to remind us Germans of a particularly shameful era in our history. But if their remarks are about the German Nazi era, I think they are behaving quite badly.  


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