The Politicised Olympics

I´m German, part of my work is teaching. I´m teaching English, Accounting, Economics, and Chinese for beginners. Most students are grown-ups, and a few are at elementary school.
My main motivation for starting this blog is the Beijing Olympics 2008. To be honest, I mostly like soccer and table tennis.
When I was a child, I wasn´t interested in the Olympics. Now, I´m still not interested. When I was a child, I really liked watching television, but when my family people watched the Olympics, I left the room voluntarily.
I never thought that I could become interested in the Olympics. But that is because of the politicisation of the Games. I know that generally speaking, this politicisation is nothing welcome. I have no opinion now if it is good or bad. While writing this blog, I can think about it.

2 Comments to “The Politicised Olympics”

  1. nice. Gianna Ade is my daughter – i changed the title because “dedicated to” seems to suggest that Gianna Ade is no longer around or something. Where in Germany are you?


  2. Hi Gyude,

    actually, I saw the picture when reading your blog last night, but it didn’t quite sink in. I’m in the federal state of Bremen, NW Germany. Greetings across the Atlantic.


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